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Past Work

Cascina Merlata

In 2009, Aldar acted as consultant to Sinesis Spa, Milan, in the development of the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the then proposed Casina Merlata development, for Pero, near Milan.

Aldar supported the formulation a series of Guide Lines to be adopted within the development to reduce building energy consumption. In particular we believed the original guidelines were too biased towards energy efficient mechanical systems to the detriment of passive solutions and strategies. We supported our arguments by undertaken a series of simulations with Energy Plus to show the effectiveness of summer night time passive ventilation techniques when applied to buildings on the outskirts of the city.

Our line of reasoning was confirmed by the Regional Authority and Milan City Council during the SEA consultation process and our proposals were subsequently integrated into the development Guide Lines, including our proposal that the Adaptive Comfort model be considered a valid model in the design of buildings and definition of plant requirements.

Client: Sinesis Spa (Cascina Merlata Spa)

Period: 2009

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