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Heat Pumps - Coccaglio Town Council

The Town Council of Coccaglio (near Brescia) following advice from Aldar, applied for and received funds from the Lombardy Regional Authority to replace the old gas fired boilers used in the council offices and primary school with high efficiency heat pumps.

Aldar completed a feasibility study on the council offices and the local primary school, required as part of the fund application. Both studies included an evaluation of the static resistance of the roof, a primary evaluation of acoustic impact, and a geological survey of ground water uptake and discharge capacity. Aldar coordinated the studies and prepared the proposals, which were both subsequently financed by the Regional Authority.

The school project foresees the refurbishment of the building shell, the introduction of a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, and the installation of a water-to-water heat pump. The council office project proposed the introduction of a DX heat pump on the roof, and new terminals throughout the building. The council office project was completed in January 2013.

Based on the fund application prepared by Aldar, the town council received a grant of 447.000 Euro from the Lombardy Regional Authority, which will cover roughly 75% of the total cost of the actions.

Client: Comune di Coccaglio

Period: 2012

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