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Past Work

Covenant of Mayors

Though we work for the most part on small and medium size building developments, we have the skills to develop wider scope territorial plans. In developing such work we draw on our experience as project designers, but also on our past work undertaken at the university, researching and developing regulatory and legislative tools for improving the uptake of energy efficiency in the wider economy.

In 2010, in the context of a funding round organised by the Cariplo Trust in Lombardy, Aldar developed a number of proposals to support the development of Sustainable Energy Plans (SEAP's) and adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors for a group of eight town councils located in the Region. The proposals were accepted and work was undertaken in 2011/12.

For each town council Aldar developed a Sustainable Energy Plan detailing the steps and strategies to be undertaken in order to reduce CO2 emissions in the town by 20% by 2020. Each plan includes a CO2 emissions inventory organised by sector (commercial, transport, residential and agriculture) and a list of sector specific actions which can be undertaken to meet the 20% reduction target.

To increase the possibility that the SEAP's are converted into concrete action, it was necessary to work with and include the local population in their development. A series of meetings were held in each town, open to the general public, or with specialised interest groups, in order to obtain input to the process and feedback on the proposals made. Plans were developed in time so as to allow all eight town councils to sign up to the Covenant of Mayors by autumn 2012.

Aldar is now helping a number of town councils access funds (in part supplied by the European Investment Bank) in order undertake some of the actions proposed by the SEAP's.

Client: Cariplo Trust (8 town councils)

Period: 2010-2012

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