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Past Work

Energy Audits - Cariplo Trust

In the period 2006-2009, Aldar under took more that 330 Energy Audits for more that 50 town councils through out Lombardy. Of these 280 were considered as light audits and 50 were termed detailed.

A dedicated team of five engineers was set up to complete the work and standardised audit and reporting procedures were established. The audits included measurement campaigns which for the later audits lasted 22 months. A series of courses on energy efficiency were held to provide training for local engineers and architects and lessons were developed and offered at a number local secondary schools on the theme of environmental impact of energy use.

The detailed audits lead to a number of retrofits and refurbishments. For example Barlassina Town Council bid for funds from the local Provincial Authority, which were themselves derived from loans offered by the European Central Bank, to undertake retrofits on seven buildings covered by our audits. The town of Jerago con Orago proceeded to completely refurbish a disused nursery (Centro La Madonnina) on the lines of proposed by the audit, achieving a EPC B rating.

Client: Fondazione Cariplo (50 councils in Lombardy)

Period: 2006-2009

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