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Past Work


Early in 2006, eERG received a request from ItalCementi Spa to help support the development of the new ITC Lab. The client had decided to submit the building for LEED approval and required support to improve the building energy performance.

Coordinated by Andrew Pindar, eERG subsequently offered support in three areas:

  1. devloping a series of proposals for improving building energy efficiency (formulated as Guide Lines);
  2. supporting the sizing and the configuration of the geothermal columns;
  3. improving indoor comfort in a number of critical spaces.
Regarding the last point, a series of EnergyPlus simulations undertaken by the group showed that the glazed façade risked creating a serious problem of overheating in the summer months.

In response to our worries, the designers , Richard Meier and Partner Architects of New York agreed to change the orientation of the skilights, to introduce external ventian blinds on a number of surfaces and in some critical spaces use selective glazing.

Period: 2006-2008

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