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Past Work

Energy efficient retrofits, Lodi Town Council

In 2009 Aldar promoted a series of energy-efficiency retrofit actions at Lodi Town Council, together with INNESCO SpA an Energy Service Company with headquaters in Padova.

Aldar completed Energy Audits on four buildings/complexes run by the town councils, identifying for three of these significant cost effective energy savings. Based on our analysis, which detailed the pratical difficulties of completing each of the proposed actions, INNESCO agreed to finance energy efficient retrofits at a primary school and the town theatre.

Aldar subsequently developed the Detailed Design of the heating pant for both the primary school and the town theatre; an essential step for establishing the exact costs and savings to be reported in the Performance Contract.

Work to refurbish the heating systems was undertaken in the autumn of 2009, in time for the 2009/2010 winter. In both cases the refurbishments generated truley exceptional energy savings, with a reduction of 34% in energy consumption at the Cabrini primary school and 50% at the town theatre ( Teatro alle Vigne).

Client: INNESCO Spa (Comune di Lodi)

Period: 2009

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