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Past Work


In 2011 Aldar was chosen by INNOVHUB Spa (majority owned company of the Milan Chamber of Commerce) to provide Energy Audits for small and medium sized industries in the region. Aldar was one of three suppliers chosen by Innovhub from the 139 bides received. By being an approved supplier, Innovhub agreed to cover 50% of the total costs of the Energy Audit for any single client.

In the first quarter 2012, Aldar completed an Energy Audit at a cloth factory of 3000 m2 north of Milan, and identified a series of cost-effective energy savings to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Our strengths lie in the ability to offer a global vision of energy use, highlight trends and identify innovative energy saving opportunities. Though we apply a standard set of tools to all audits (for example we believe a well designed measurement campaign is essential), we adopt a flexible approach and continually question our goals and proposed solutions.

Client: Innovub Spa (Private Company - Data reserved)

Period: 2012

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