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Pensotti B6

In 2010 on request of the Engineering Company Otto and Partners Srl. Aldar proposed an energy concept for the new headquarters of the industrial group Pensotti FLC to be built in Legnano, near Milan. The Initial Concept was approved in autumn 2010, and the Final Design developed during 2011, with construction undertaken in 2012/2013. The complex was handed over to the client at the beginning of June 2013.

The client appreciated the innovative nature of the energy strategy and the fact that comfort was central to the concept.

The implementation of the passive energy solutions required close collaboration between the energy consultants of Aldar and the engineers and architects of Otto and Partners.

Briefly the offices are built in line with the construction techniques typical of the Passivahus Standard. The building shell is isolated with 23 cm of Neopor, and supplied with triple pane argon and in some cases krypton filled glazing units which achieve a U-value of 0.8 W/m2K. Attention to detail ensured a continuous insulation layer around the structure without thermal bridges. The infiltration of cold air was eliminated by sealing holes and unwanted openings with tapes and gels.

Active heating and cooling is provided by an open loop water to water heat pump with COP greater than 5. The AHU includes a cross flow heat recovery unit with 87% efficiency. Obviously all pumps and fans are inverter fed to provide very high part load efficiency.

Together these solutions have allowed the building to achieve the A+ EPC rating; the highest EPC category in Lombardy. The primary energy consumption works out at 2.65 kWh/m3year.

Nevertheless probably the most innovative aspect of the project is the natural ventilation strategy used in the summer months to reduce the cooling loads, which employs four ventilation stacks feeding the office spaces and a series of motorised windows, all controlled by a Building Management System. During the night the BMS opens the shutters on the stacks so as to draw cool night air into the building and export heat accumulated in the day from the exposed cast concrete ceilings.

Other than this the building includes a 10.5 KWp PV system, a lighting system composed entirely of LED light points, controlled by occupancy and light sensors, together with a number of other solutions which make B6 a very special building.

Aldar developed the original energy concept, designed the heating plant, sized the ventilation stacks, defined the BMS control algorithm and generally supervised the building energy concept from design to implementation.

The building is described in more detail in an article published in the trade magazine Progetto Energia.

Client: Otto and Partners Srl (Pensotti FLC Spa)

Period: 2011-2013

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