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Past Work

Porte Torres

In 2012 the engineering company, Otto and Partners, asked Aldar to propose an energy concept for a new residential development of 20 apartments to be built in Porte Torres in Sardegna.

The energy concept needed to consider a preliminary architectural design developed to respect requirements dictated by the proximity of the site to an archaeological park, and which had been approved by Porte Torres town council.

Though not wishing to modify the original council approved project, the analysis conducted by Aldar highlighted a number of energy critical elements to the original design, in particular with regards to the positioning of the buildings and the layout of the apartments. Of particular concern was the central court yard, which wind and sun analysis showed could be potentially unusable for most part of the year, being either excessively hot in the summer months or exposed to cold winds in the winter months.

Both these reasons would have lead to an increase use of indoor spaces and in consequence energy use. More generally, the inability to fully use the outside courtyard, especially considering context of the development (holiday homes), would have reduced the value of the apartments.

Aldar therefore worked with Otto and Partners to define an alternative improved arrangement of the building envelope which could favour, and control winds in the summer so as too cool the courtyard, and increase exposition to the sun in the winter to provide heating.

The apartments themselves are laid out to facilitate indoor natural ventilation and increase the use of natural daylight. The building obviously points at a EPC A rating.

Client: Otto and Partners Srl (Private enterprise - Information reserved)

Period: 2012

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