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Energy Audits

Diagnosi energetiche per determinare il profilo di consumo energetico

Energy audits are the essential first step by which to identify cost effective energy efficient retrofit actions. In Italy Energy Audits are in certain cases required by law.

The Energy Audits undertaken by Aldar show that cost effective energy savings are usually of the order of 15-25%, with even greater savings occurring non infrequently.

For example, work undertaken to improve the heating plant at the Cabrini Secondary School in the town of Lodi in 2009, based on the recommendations of the Energy Audit completed by Aldar, lead to 34% energy savings. Energy consumption at the town theatre (Teatro dell'Erba) fell by half following the replacement of the heat generator and improvements to the distribution system based on recommendations made by Aldar.

Ripartizione dei consumu

Aldar has completed Energy Audits on literally hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings, for both public and private enterprises. In 2010 Aldar won a tender organised by INNOVHUB Spa (a majority owned company of Milan Chamber of Commerce) to provide Energy Audits for Small and Medium Size Industries in the region.

After completing so many audits we know what makes the difference between a purely theoretical study and an Energy Audit which can lead to effective cost effective energy savings for the client. Where audits identify actions which can be financed through third party funding, and assuming interest by the client, we will work to find a suitable ESCO. With the help of ESCO's, Aldar has already undertaken retrofit actions in more than a dozen buildings in Italy.

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