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A brief story

Aldar grew out of the end-use Eficiency Research Group (eERG) at the Politecnico di Milano, in Italy, itself born out of the efforts of the company partners wayback in 1996. eERG dealt with policy and regulatory issues of increasing end-use energy efficiency in the economy, and in later years with technology appraisal. We undertook our first Energy Audit (the INDAP offices, Cremona), employing a dynamic modelling environment (DOEII) in 1997 and developed our first performance contract for an hospital in 1999.

In 2008 we, (Pindar and Alari), left the Politecnico to set up Aldar (just in time for the economica meltdown perfect timing !), with the idea of commercialising some of the nice ideas we'd been developing at the Politecnico. To some degree you could call Aldar a spin-off from the Politecnico, thought that congures up a picture of official approval, which we never had. (No sour grapes, be assured !).

The company immediately grew to include six full time staff as well as the two partners. However the financial melt down reached its climate for Aldar in summer 2010, orders dried up and we had to lay off nearly all the staff. Though stressful at the time, it actually proved a bonus in the long run, since we were spending more time administrating the company that doing the work we liked (energy analysis and project development).

So here we are after five years, a bit bruised, smaller but much stronger. We've managed to build up from scratch a reputation for good innovative work and we've got a loyal group of clients which keeping coming back for more, so we must be doing something right !