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Andrew Pindar

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Andrew Pindar, founding partner of Aldar, is a certified Expert in Energy Management.

Andrew graduated from the University of Leeds with a 2(i) in Physics in 1986. In the period 1987 to 1993 he worked as a computer programmer and system manager first with Logica Plc in London and subsequently with Logica Siel Spa in Italy, providing consultancy in the latter case to Banca San Paolo and Olivetti.

After a period travelling in South East Asia in 2003, Andrew returned to university and obtained a Master's degree in "Renewable Energy and the Environment" from the University of Reading, (promoted with Distinction).

Returning to Italy in 1995, Andrew worked as a visiting researcher at the Thermal Research Centre of Enel (ENEL CRT) for nearly two years on biomass liquefaction, where he developed energy models for two pyrolysis pilot plants. From 1997 to 2007, he worked as a researcher at the Politecnico di Milano, and together with Pierluigi Alari and Lorenzo Pagliano founded in 1999, the end Use Efficiency Research Group (eERG). In 2008 Andrew left the Politecnico and together with Alari founded Aldar.

In total Andrew has worked in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency for 18 years, covering a wide variety of topics and issues from tariff formulation, identification and promotion of energy efficient technologies, public procurement and building energy analysis.

Starting with a building energy audit in 1997, Andrew began his role as a consultant for improving the energy efficiency of existing and new buildings. In 2006 he provided consultancy to ItalCementi Spa to improve the energy efficiency of the ITC Lab, then under design. From 2005 - 2007 he was coordinator of the EU funded project Passive-On, which worked to spread the Passivhaus construction standard to the Mediterranean countries of the EU. From 2010 and 2013 he developed the energy concept of the new headquarters of the industrial group Pensotti FLC spa. Built at Legnano near Milano; B6 is an office block of 2000 m2 which apart from achieving an A+ Energy Performance Class, incorporates a natural ventilation strategy which is probably unique for its kind in Italy.

Andrew is expert in the use of the EnergyPlus simulation environment. In 2011 he returned to programming and designed and for the most part coded WebSim. Websim is an on-line system to transform a building energy model created in the CENED+ environment (the mandatory software for energy certification in Lombardy) to the EnergyPlus environment and to automatically complete a simulation to determine the energy savings provided by the most common energy efficient retrofits.

Andrew has lived in Italy for the last last 24 years, but remains basically English at heart.